I am pleased that you asked me to write about my experience living at Vaucluse Gardens. I feel very safe and secure, being looked after by the Vaucluse staff, even though I am completely independent.  I want to thank all of the staff at Vaucluse for their high level of consideration for my comfort and happiness.

I could not ask for more than the high quality of all of the details of my apartment, quick response to my few requests for maintenance, and especially the for the beautiful gardens surrounding me.

I love the convenience of my location, within easy walking and public transport to satisfy all my shopping needs and errands in South Hobart, Sandy Bay and even in the CBD.  I especially appreciate such excellent access to the Hobart Rivulet walking trail for daily exercise.

The calendar of events for Vaucluse is filled with more enjoyable activities than you could shake a stick at.  Social gatherings are scheduled on a regular basis. The “movie theatre”, snookers table, swimming pool, fitness room and library are well used by residents.

I feel very fortunate to be living at Vaucluse Gardens.


Three years ago we took up residence in an independent two-bedroom unit in Vaucluse Gardens Retirement Village and are very happy that we did so.

We live amidst beautiful gardens in a congenial community within walking distance of the Hobart CBD and the shopping centres of South Hobart and Sandy Bay.

Vaucluse Gardens has a very friendly and helpful staff who have shown great care for us during the time of the coronavirus pandemic with its various requirements of social distancing, not gathering in groups or using facilities such as the dining room, swimming pool, library, or meeting in the common room or with interest groups or classes. We are missing the pilates classes and look forward to “afterwards”, when all can resume again.

We have been able to have meals delivered to our homes if we need them and staff have helped us to use the internet to order home deliveries of food and other necessary household supplies.

The Manager of the village or one of the other members of staff have regularly checked to make sure we are coping with the required “social isolation” and we know that we can call on help from staff with any problems to do with our homes or accessing needed services.

We are so thankful to be here!

Lyndsay and Stephanie

Ralph and I first decided on a future life at Vaucluse Village in South Hobart about 8-10 years ago after going to an open day and presentation at the Village Centre. We put our name down on the waiting list and over the following five years we were offered a number of units, but we weren’t ready to move at that time. However in 2016 we were offered a unit which was in the position that we liked, facing the rivulet, so we decided to go ahead with the offer.

We were so pleased that we had planned to relocate to Vaucluse before we were ready to make the move because it gave us the opportunity to get into the right mindset for the time when we would go.

We have lived at Vaucluse Gardens Village in South Hobart for three years now and we both enjoy the lifestyle and the people we share our lives with. There are many activities to get involved with if you so desire such as Snooker, Mahjong, Bingo, Carpet Bowls, Knitting and Reading groups, Line Dancing and Water Aerobics. There is also a heated pool and gym with a qualified instructor who plans an exercise routine for each person’s individual needs. On Tuesday afternoons you can enjoy a movie.

Vaucluse frequently organises information sessions on subjects that may be of interest to the residents, such as Internet Security, talks by health professionals, Travel Consultants offering various trips at home and abroad. A trip on the Ghan and Murray River was one very memorable holiday we shared with 10 other residents from the Village.

An important feature of Vaucluse Village is the beautiful gardens which are well maintained and a picture of colour especially in the spring time.

But a village is only as good as its staff and we cannot speak too highly of the staff at Vaucluse Village in South Hobart. They are very dedicated to their work and do everything they can to ensure that living at Vaucluse Village is a happy experience.

We are so glad we moved to Vaucluse Village whilst we were still fit and able to enjoy the lifestyle it has to offer.

Ralph & Francesca

Today I placed my family photographs around my unit with my paintings all hung, it really feels like home.

It is almost one month since I moved into my unit in Vaucluse Gardens – a big move for many reasons. I could not have done it without the help of my wonderful family and the positive and friendly staff here.

Felicity, our manager, has been so very helpful in every way. “Isn’t she lovely”?, my daughters remark, and I certainly agree!

The residents are very welcoming dropping in for a short visit and explaining all the facilities available – some of which I soon intend to use.

Though the roses have almost finished flowering and the trees have cast their autumn leaves, all the rhododendrons will soon be flowering, which means a walk in the beautiful (garden) is a must each day.

I feel safe and happy so thank you Vaucluse Gardens!


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